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By Riffat Akhsan - October 28, 2016

when i'm in Surabaya, i have social circle called "Sunday Sharing Community" a social community whom meet up Surabaya's digital enthusiast held by Community Development Division of Detikcom.

but the laziness makes me absent oftenly, because at the moment i just think about the advantages and makes money side. so my exculpation for my laziness is because this community activity is just "social things"

when i move on to Samarinda, my life changes significantly. i take an ambitious target to make big contribution for my company : i wish to be a doctoral candidates in construction management specialist without any scholarship at all (say amin please).

this target motivate me because East Kalimantan still lack of Local Doctor with construction management consentration. most of them are doctoral with road and bridge consentration.

it means for now, since i moved on to samarinda (and for maybe the next 5 years) my priority is to be fulltime learner also to be construction management expert for my company.

now project lobbying and marketing sound so far from me, because my parents told me that its not my authority.

It means i drawn on academic and riset activity

Its so challenging, because on my job before i'm focus on how to get project, advantages, and of course money.

I think this is the God's way to bring up me to the next level of life when the world is not always about money.

I'm not a gold digger, but my job before employ me for that position, and that's ensure my mind to always think about the money way, how to increase company's profit and so on.

social life gives me value that it's balancing me from the unbalanced life before.

now i realize that everbody need to seen as human, just human without the position, the social status, the range of salary (maybe). we need to just do something has a real impact not for us, but for society without any tendency.

Samarinda, 28 Oktober 2016

Riffat Akhsan

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