Happy Father's Day

By Riffat Akhsan - December 06, 2020

I know this post is a little bit late from official father's day on 12 of November. But this post is not about joining the competition. This is just an effort from ordinary woman who being a daughter, a soon to be mother, an a soon to be daughter-in-law. 

To My Father, King of My Heart.

Dear Abah, 

in my 27th age, first of all i would say thank you for building us a business empire. furthermore you allowed me to work in stated-owned company in order to reach my dream. you give me access to studying and working in the best construction consulting company in this republic. you allow me too if someday i decide to follow my HERB wherever his institution assign him. 

you absulotely understanding that this global era bring through the possibility that I can always be your highway engineer and master in consructuction law in term of enhancing your empire. sometimes me and my siblings called you "denial boomer" because your boss-aura and your ambition come beyond our logic and expectation. but we all agreed that you unquestionably genius to always capturing and following the trend of the business. 

most of the people say that their mom has a magical words. the condition where the context of their mother's talked last time before becoming a reality. but in my family, my dad's statement is more magical than my mom. i'm not saying my mom is lesser magical in term of saying something in the past and becoming reality in present time. but they have a very different realization.

let me tell you more.

as far as i remember, there 's two kind of situation where i recognized my father's "berkah" in my life :

first, when i took a responsibility at my family's mining company, dad suggest me to work in the company where i am working on now. he said that my skill will improve rapidly in this company. because i learn with the titan. i will involve in vital infrastructure project such as Toll Road Development Project and other prestigious project for establishment Indonesia's New Capital Region. this is importance for our business vision in the future. he want me to cut down my boss-daughter ego and willing to work in other people outside my inner circle. 

at that time i certainly refused his suggestion because i'm already feeling comfortable with the position. i'm enjoying managing the labour and financing the cashflow. my arrogant mind said that i'm enough with the skill-improving-things all this time so this is my turn to implement my talent.

a year later, it really happen.

dad's collague who a head of region in my company now asking dad spesifically to help him looking for a talent to be Project Office Manager. a trusted candidate who are non newbie in this scope of work. he didn't want a freshgraduate whom still idealistic wothout understanding how excactly construction project and its titan working on. he needs someone who willing to moved in Balikpapan at the region office. 

my company where i'm working now is always doing closed recruitment (especially for my region). because this corporate culture is about trusted and recommendation. so, my dad offer me this chance. because he (my dad) highly respecting this collague. their relation is happen over a long time ago and this collague didn't asked for help to random partner.    

i don't know exactly why i am receiving his offer. memories told me that at that time in mining company, i felt that my capabilities is useless. i thought i was thrown off from construction project sector. oh yeah at that point i realized that my passion is about construction project. especially in highway sector.

so I accept the offer. i do the formal selection process and officially selected as prefered candidate. i do the probation process, experienced the sweetness and bitter one, i do witness the ups and down, and planned to resign after all this period of contract.   

again, my father says that it's okay to resign. at least i have been done my best. i learned a lot and already know how to implement my experience in family business. he make sure i know all the consequence about my resignation. and he gives me deliberation time to re-thinking about my decision.

right 3 months before my due date, i'm on a very interesting situation at one of the project. this situation suddenly triggered me and brings me back to my Senior High School dream : studying overseas with scholarships. 

qadarullah the dream brings me to the incredible person such as Mbak Widi who literally already graduate from my targeted school who also continous her PhD at the same place. i'm so blessed Mbak Widi gives me diamond hint about the school which is can't be search on google. it will be the a very significant factor to my essay.

i also met Ibu Nurul, who a very humble to voluntarily be my essay proofreader. she also a PhD candidate but in another school other than my targeted school. she married with kiwi guy and becoming permanent resident in that country.

no matter how far my odyssey. dad, I will always be your little princess.

To (soon to be) Father of My (future) children

Hi HERB, Love of My Life. 

thank you very much for being a very best father to our children. To be a good leader in our small family. To be a charismatic yet demochratic husband of your not-so-perfect wife. Thank you for trying to giving us example how to be grit over all of obstacle in front of our journey. To teaching us how to be brave facing our fear. thank you for your patience when our kids in a bad mood. 

i love how the way you handled our unpredictable situation with the children. your calming attitude completed my panic mode. i do remember the way you stare at me, your eyes communicates well to me eventough your mouth is silent. i got your point, what i'm gonna do during that frustating our children's drama. at the end of the day, together we handled that situation incredibly. 

i'm very honor with your briliant attitude. you absulotely understand that parenting is about the compromise between you and me. you treat me as your life-partner. you are willing to doing what so called feminine task such as sitting our children and any other house chrores. you gives me my me time. sometimes we have a little debate, but this is our formula : communicate, compromise, get a deal. the magic of this formula always happen in our marriage. 

with you, i grown up to be better day by day. you teach me about patience, grit, and loyality with process. every our pillow talk, i always learn something new. something that widen up my horizon of thinking. to be wiser, better, and stronger. together, we looking at the future optimitically. no matter what is going on at the future, we will embrace it together. always. with ridho Allah and our parents.

i wish to Allah gives you wonderful age. together we witnessed grey hair of each other. smiling to each other with very same feeling, caring and loving each other and hopes Allah will united us again in his Jannah. amiin.  

Balikpapan, 6 December 2020

Faizah Riffat,--- A daughter, A daughter-in-law, A proud mom of brilliant children, and a blessed wife of loving husband.

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