Hari - Hari Pertama di 2021

By Riffat Akhsan - February 03, 2021

time flies so fast. at beginning of this 2021. 

for me personally, 2021 gives me rapid changes. for my relationship progression, my career, my dreams, and my destiny.

first. i want to tell you that I got job's promotion.

this is a very huge unexpected things that happen in my life this year. at the end of 2020, i'm on my way to preparing my resignation letter in order to make such a step for my dreams. i'm more than ready to pack my stuff, back to Bontang, and set up a new business together with my twin sister while preparing to overseas dream.

it's beyond my expectation to assigned as Project Manager for a province region while i'm more than know that's i'm still on my impostor syndrom. my previous manager (and all of the PM inside my company) at 30 something when they get this position. meanwhile my ages is still 20 something. that's a long way to go for this position. moreover. this is a very huge responsibility. 

people said this is my luckiest career progression, for me this is a miracle destiny. my previous manager was resigned due her journey as a civil servant and my branch director gives his believing on me. i know i'm still far from ideal manager, i'm the youngest and the only woman in this technical scope. i don't have special ability whose can make this progress accelerate well. all i have just Allah and his guidance to keep my willingness to learn.

and oh yes, the motivation because of salary thing is real. i'm still human btw.

the second is about HERB. i'm beyond happy to our progression. i am truly realized that the things about my soulmate is fully God's disposes. but if i allowed to proposed, i'm still on my pray to wish he is the one. my one and only lifetime partner till jannah. amiin.

about my dreams, i believed everythings happen for a reason. due the COVID-19 outbreak, some country closed their border and it also impacted to my dream's process. but like my family said : just take a breath and be grateful for this point. you already run very hard. don't ruin this mercy from Allah by your ambition.

that's true. my forever mental constrain : lack of patient.

here i am now. with a new chapter on my journey at Balikpapan. i hope this changes leads another opportunity and opening a better better better destiny for me. amiin.

finally, stay healthy, keep on physical distancing, wash your hand, wear a mask, and be happy !
Balikpapan, February, 3. 2021

Riffat Akhsan, with her new PC from new desk.

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