Your Kekian : Rain or Shine, It's Time to Dine !

By Riffat Akhsan - August 26, 2021


"When You Are Love in Something, You are Expert on It"

This anonymous quote reflects me about the true meaning of passion. Me, personally, love writing so much and also, managing a construction project. This quote might be right. because, when i looked back. yup, i earn money in this sector and i feel a quiet expert haha.

so, let me tell you a story about my twin sister passion. cooking.

Fatimah, love cook so much. her favorite cuisine is about Asian Cuisine. her Hainam Chicken Rice are tremendously delicious. her sushi with local wisdom accent is nice. her chinese halal kekian and ekkado are amazing.

speaking the last one. Fatimah decides to sell his Kekian and Ekkado in our stall at Puja Jati Alam, Bontang. the price is about IDR 15k for 2 pieces of Kekian and 2 Pieces of Ekkado. the total pieces of one plate of her endeavour cuisine is 4 pieces.

This story about Kekian and Ekkado and why she just sell these two items rather than all varian of dim sum is a little bit interesting for me.

so,  to be honest Fatimah is not exciting in the beginning. but one day, she brought this spesial dish for her loves one. unfortunately, he said that he can not recognized Kekian and Ekkado made by Fatimah because it on steamed version. after his snacking time is over and this dish all the way his stomach, he suggested Fatimah to make fried version of this dish.

wow, sound interesting ? yeah. and Fatimah make it fry until these Ekkado and Kekian become golden, crispy, and of course, delicious.

i lost my words. this fried kekian is beyond words. this is fantasticly delicious. so crunchy, so crispy, so crazy while you eat that with the oriental special sauce made by Fatimah.

But Why It Looks Like Tahu Walik ? What Kekian and Ekkado Actually is ?

based on internet, Kekian is one kind of Dim Sum. a Chinese cuisine made from minced meat and bacoon fat. of course. it's haram. but in Indonesia, we usually made it with minced shrimp and chicken. Kekian usually found in Bakmi Waroong or another Chinese restaurant as an additional item to accompanying your Bakmi, Cap Cay, Kwetiau and any other Chinese cuisine. the savory taste of Kekian is so remarklable.  and its bamboo bowl is so memorable. 

Ekkado, is a kind of Dim Sum (again, like Kekian) made from quail eggs, skinned by shrimp creation and packed by tofu skin.  then it fried with deep frying technique. the unique fact about Ekado is, people oftenly mis-indentify this dish as Japanese cuisine. whereas, this cuisine is from China. 

so what about tahu walik ? i think this kind of dish is another one. perhaps its origin is from Indonesia look out from its name. the method are so Indonesian. local tofu with filled chicken creation, steamed, and fried to make it crunchy. maybe similar with ekado and kekian, but, tahu walik is skinned by tofu. tofu and tofu skin is so different, hehe.


Rain or Shine, It's Time to Dine !

Kekian and Ekkado do not need a special reason to eat. when shine day you can eat it with relaxing wind in Puja Jati Alam. when rainy day, you can eat it to warm your heart and body.

and for the founder : Fatimah. Kekian and Ekkado are not just about dish. but also about recipe, history, and memory.

Your Kekian and Ekado : you can meet them in Puja Jati Alam. delivering only with Maxim.

Balikpapan, 26 of August 2021

Riffat Akhsan,-- for her, Kekian and Ekkado is another level of Batagor  

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