Kelas IELTS by Betari Part 3 - Understanding IELTS Reading

By Riffat Akhsan - September 16, 2021


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this meeting is dominated with we are figuring out what happen in Cambridge IELTS 16 listening test, why my score has extremely dropped. after I and Betari has been done the same test : we agreed that in the 16 series (and most probably in the 17 series, which is held this year) IELTS examiners committee makes some significance chance in IELTS exam. The difficulties are broadenly spread in all the tests. this not like the previous exam, which had particular part that used to be notorious part of exam participant.  there is no more example in the listening test (which is good because for me, an example in the test was breaking my focus LOL) and the speaker talk slower than before. the accent of the speaker also different and challenging to identify what accent is from. the context also very related to real situation. so, yeah. the IELTS Cambridge 16 is more difficult. Betari suggest me to just focus on IELTS Cambridge 16 practices as my preparing tools to face my IELTS real test. because this is a new style of exam. new pattern. 

the evaluation is : sometimes, do not listen to the details. but listen to the context itself. also review again the whole sentences (to make sure the context) before I move in that answer to my answer sheet.

trust my ears, establish my basic listening, try to let go, and do not be stressed about something that i know that is my weakness. indeed. Betari ascertains that there will be a moment, where my IELTS score is stable regardless the situation that surrounds them.  

the next is speaking test. this is my second times i do speaking test. the surprise is, my score is increasing 0.5 points. Ya, Allah. Alhamdulillah. Betari gives me some valuable feedbacks that encourages me, if the speaking test is a chance at helping part of my IELTS score. 

after overcoming my worried in Listening and Speaking, so the reading materials begin. again, we focused on the topics of IELTS Cambridge 16. which is very intimidating and trending at this time. Betari said much of her students' score are dropped while doing this test. like me. my point is drop 1 point. sad 😭.

but, the journey is still long way. i must patiently give a chance again to myself.  Betari gives me three ammunition : first, reading the whole passages of reading test. this strategy is effective to overcome what the main idea, and which are the additional information who stronger the main idea. next is reading the question first for the true/false/not given type of question. this is time efficient. the analogy is like the buy and sell process. we receive the order first and then check to our stock. which one that most suitable for the order. this is also good to implement the type of question who provide a table of answer choice and questioning resume of the paragraph. 

last, the mandatory strategy of reading test : skimming --> resume in one or two words --> read the question --> and scanning again the paragraph to find the answer of questions.

so, yeah. that's my reflection for understanding reading test more. hope this post will help you as Betari's suggestions work for me.

thank you for reading, fellas. have a good day !

Balikpapan, 16 of September 2021

Faizah Riffat -- who has a plan for coming late at work because last night meeting at the ministry's work unit are so tiring 

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