Kelas IELTS By Betari Part 4 - Demystifying IELTS Writing Task 2

By Riffat Akhsan - September 29, 2021


this meeting is very special. starting with encouraging week, because we had to suspend the class due to my menstrual - hell illness. so, I pay the absence to constanly do IELTS reading and listening test for 4 days. i take IELTS Cambridge 14 Module. test 1 for Monday, Tuesday is test 2, the third test is on wednesday, and the last test at Thrusday. the next day (Friday) is a time to attend my IELTS Class.

my illness like a blessing in disguise. this break surprisingly gives me a courage to enjoy my Natgeo People channel without reading the Indonesian Subtitle. i can close my eyes and feel the vibration of the dialog.  also, i can enjoy reading my favorite novel in English version. this feeling is so satisfying.

the novel and Natgeo People maneuvering my mindset. from make it as my tools to increase my IELTS, to enjoying it and realize IELTS is a foundation for unlocking the cheap yet easy high quality of entertaining content. with my financial situation, it feels so blessed to have a good English to overcomes it. 

so, my fear of IELTS test has already fallen down. I got the essence, the reading passage is shorter than my favorite novel. i must pass the reading passage to make a perfect imagination about the scene that written in the novel. i must pass the listening passage to enjoy the best message about my favorite program : Natgeo People and Gill Clarks's comment for badminton tournament. i must pass the writing to deliver my idea and contemplation in a proper way. i must pass the speaking for communicating well about what i really want.

i need IELTS for unlocking a whole new level of my global dream.

Betari really an answer from my Deity for my prays.  

speaking about writing, yes. demystifiying is a really good analogy. this part of IELTS is really like a misty myth for me. in this class, i know that i have been trapped in this part. i failed to translate and transcribe what the question want. leads me  wrong direction and makes my score stagnant.

from this class finally i know that the Writing Task 2 actually has a particular framework with a particular structure and all i need is to fill the template with a suitable sentence. what a sentence that must put in the template is really interesting . i just know that what a paragraph progression is, and i already know how to identify a sentence that just be an "accessories" because still stick with its previous information.
another insight i get from this class is : just like another part of IELTS, type of question leads to a certain strategy. i just realize that this time so far i got trapped in a rush : not understand the instruction clearly and writing without planning. it brings me to more time pressure and stuck in the middle of the writing process. in writing, we must set time allocation to make it right : for planning, for writing, and for proofreading. this allocation is like a guidance for my panic attack, it really like an anchor.

to bridging my understanding of this part and what Betari teach me, i finished two books as my suplement : IELTS Essay Writing written by Mike Wattie and Master IELTS Essays written by Ebrahim Tahassoni. this two books is really a good bridge for me understand what Betari trying to say about.  i feel really blessed with these books and Betari combination. this collaboration is really giving me a light in my dark tunnel about IELTS writing task 2.

another exciting news about Betari is : i can contact her with my pieces of screenshot of the book to ask some enlightenment outside our class. as our agreement in first meeting : this class is about me and Betari. together we will polish my weakness to reach my "less intimidating" IELTS score. but at the end, this exam is about me. how far i can extract what i learned with Betari's guidance in our classes and execute it during the exam's pressure. how deep i can show my ability in this language acquisition process to the examiner. 

in conclusion, all i can say is : you can learn IELTS by yourself. you can download unlimited resources of writing IELTS on the internet and practicing IELTS Writing through by Cambridge English and get diamond feedback from there . but having Betari accompany you through your journey of IELTS is an unimaginable experience. her really incredible for delivering her capabilities and experiences of IELTS and help to escalate your competencies.

thank you for reading, have a nice day. remember : Saturday is Coming Your Way 😇

Balikpapan, 29 of September 2021

Faizah -- who very spirited for her next meeting with Betari

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