Kelas IELTS By Betari Part 6 - The Speaking Test

By Riffat Akhsan - October 25, 2021

thank you for waiting. your patient really matters. usually i write my experience of my IELTS journey with Betari Aisah in the same week as the class held. but, due to my hectic work - related activity makes this post got some delayed.

but, i still remember how incredible the experience to crack the speaking test. first, i told you again about the philosophy behind IELTS test. the test is not just a score, it's about a metric to measure how deep your English language acquisition skill. a great framework to help you deliver the idea in your head into an understandable way of communication ; speaking and writing. also encourages you to understanding the English language content appropriately through listening and reading.

this speaking topic is the end of foundation class. the next agenda of this private lesson is about how to implement a good strategy in order to gain a higher score than my previous result. 

let me tell you about the class. first, Betari gives me a basic formula to structure a good sentence in order to answer the examiner's question. the next stages are, Betari convince me to enjoy with the speaking test ambiance. she makes an analogy that the speaking test is pretty similar to coffee shop conversation. you know, a set up meeting talking with a light conversation at the beginning and often end up with a mind blowing conversation at the end. a two way informal communication rather than a formal interview. the speaking test it is. 

one highlighted key takeaways that i want to share is : Betari shows me a video about how the IELTS band score 9 candidate do the test. one thing that i never dare to watch. in my assumptions a perfect score IELTS taker is so natural yet have a bunch of rare vocabularies and deliver it into well flow sentence in the conversation. 

but i was wrong.

through the video i get enlightenment that a great score of speaking test is not about the vocab. but about how far you can show your natural english conversation during the test. hence, the vocabulary is quite basic but very well structured, straightforward, and understandable. like a coffee shop conversation. there is no pretending or nervous gesture. no confusing yet complex explanation. everything in the conversation seems smooth and very natural. none of these people who involve in the test look like have a constrains to understand the content of the conversation.

after some contemplation after the class, i have a conclusion that the IELTS speaking test makes me learn about new mentality : just do my best and try to communicate my idea with a sentence that i am comfortable to say. do not intend to give some impression just to hope a higher score. just be confident and trust myself that i can face the speaking test.

thank you so much Betari for the amazing structure of my IELTS class syllabus. i am such a lucky girl who have a diamond chance be one of your students.

Balikpapan, 25 October 2021

Riffat Akhsan -- who can't stop saying a gratitudes witnessing her dream is getting closer day by day 


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