Kelas IELTS By Betari Part 7 - Tackling The "Notorious" Reading Question

one thing that makes me so astonished in this class is : this class makes me realized that after all this time surprisingly i did not answer the IELTS exam in a proper way. i fail to answer like the way the exam maker expects me to do.  

but this is a common mistake for the IELTS taker. a particular trap to make sure that someone is deserved certain score of the IELTS result.

before we talk that far, please allow me to explain what notorious means. notorious is a term to symbolize a well known someone or something with a bad terminology. a cruel one. like you watch a superhero movie, the boss of the boss of the villain. yup, that character is notorious. an antagonist part of the movie who causes the drawbacks at its best.

in IELTS, the notorious questions are on the reading test. 

in short : this trap scattered properly in four locations : true/yes false/no not given, multiple choice, matching heading/information, and completing summary.

in my journey, completing summary is my best friend. following with T/F/NG. but my real enemy is multiple choice and my notorious character is matching/heading information question type. 

outside my class, i told Betari several times that i always got trapped in question type which containing a choice. i have a constrain to choose the best answer because every choice seems like true answer. everytime i express my frustation, Betari, with her wise smile always reminds me to be patient with myself and trust the process. 

the light will come as long as i stay with this journey.

finally in this meeting lights come to me. as i said in the beginning of this post. i have been getting lost to find the best answer because i don't have the strategy. for the question type with a multiple choice, please do not focus on the passage or question. focus on the choices first. eliminate the incoherence choice that not match with the context of passage, then look what the question wants, finally search it on the passage.

do not answer a multiple choice question type in the IELTS reading like the way you did it on your national exam. it's an entirely different game. 

oh wow, it's exactly what i do all this time. i read the question, search on passage, then deciding the answer by considering all the choices. gotcha, it's understandable why i always get wrong answer in this section.

oke, let me take a breath about my foollies, i personally didn't know where is my brain at that time.

now this is the time to face my personal notorious part : matching/heading information question type. previously, in this question i look at the question first, then try to resume the passage, and deciding which one is the suitable answer.

exactly the same way like i did in my national exam. and i have the same result : none of them is true.

for this kind of question, first thing first is i must understand all the heading/information provided in the box (usually). scan the passage, then answer the question. this kind of question is a little bit trickier than the multiple choice part. in the multiple choice, the challenge is to eliminate incoherence information with the context of the passage, meanwhile in heading/matching the exam point is to find an appropriate heading/sentence who sums up the resume of the passage that asking for. 

literally two parts with different strategy, but i do it like answering the national exam.

the other two parts that are my best friend is quite good, but i keep concentrate while answering the question in order to avoid slipped who leads to wrong answers because of my lack of accuracy.

finally, that is my experience in order to introspect, analyze, and evaluate my IELTS reading strategy. i hope the benefit of this meeting really helps me and i can implement it through my real test.

please, give me an ameeen.

Balikpapan, 25 October 2021

Riffat Akhsan -- who did not finish her IELTS reading homework yet 



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