Kelas IELTS By Betari Part 5 - Approaching Writing Task 1

By Riffat Akhsan - October 11, 2021

after my pain from hell because of period, finally I attend to this class. in the middle of our schedule, this is a whole new skill that i must cracking it : IELTS Writing Task 1.

in my opinion, completing IELTS Writing Task 1 is harder than Task 2. because this is about data interpretation. i do not allow to put any other opinion on this task. just pure understanding the visual data shown by chart, graph, multiple chart, map, table, pie bar, or cycle. the shape of a question is a quiet board to predict.

here the challenge. i do not transcribe the data. i must "translate" the data into a narrative passage in my answer sheet. for some people, this is really a piece of cake because all of the material already provides. but, for me. this is the difficult one ; i am on intersection to sort which is the my interpretation and which one is my opinion.

my first step is, i must understand what the question trying to instruct. what must i do with this visual data ? this part contains identifying the superlative, column, bar, percentages, group of process, if there is a map i must implement the compass language (Naughty, Elephant, Splash, Water), 

writing task 1 is really pushing my limits, and Betari shows me that i'm not in the wrong room. because i can identify which one that i must comprehend more and whic aspect i did well.

until today, my IELTS journey is still full of frustating moments because my score is not stable yet. but, i wish i could grit in this process until my exam day.

please, pray for me.

Balikpapan, 11 of October 2021

Faizah Riffat -- still, an IELTS fighter

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