I Left My Heart at Lau Pa Sat

By Riffat Akhsan - March 06, 2023


one day in August 2022, someone that I think would be my spouse cheats on me. he was at a dinner with someone-another girl at the food court. known by one of my colleague. since that day, I hate every food court around my hometown.

Then on my last day in Singapore recently, Fatimah insists that she wants to go to Lau Pa Sat so badly. I really don't have any idea about Lau Pa Sat other than a misty memory scene in the Crazy Rich Asian film.

I went to Lau Pa Sat by bus and the bus stop right beside the intersection. then I and Fatimah just cross the street and we already there.

Lau Pa Sat is a historical building that used to be a hawker center for white-collar worker around Raffles area. one of the busiest business district in Singapore.

the building automatically is a  focal point in this area. with its unique architecture and clock at its roof. Lau Pa Sat really stole the attention at this skyscraper jungle.

there are two sections at Lau Pa Sat. Indoor and Outdoor dining area. both sections offer fantastic scenery. inside this Hawker Center, you will be amazed with its very detail yet beautiful green structure. I can't stop myself from looking up at the ceiling and adoring this building's architecture.

at the outdoor area, I can feel the unity in harmony. between business heartbeat activity and the dynamics for serving and dine food and beverages.

outdoor area of Lau Pa Sat stands more cheerful and expressive. this is because the stalls  can decorate their exterior depend on their theme of the dish. I found vibrant and various stands that please my eyes. even tough most of them are barbeque stalls.

Lau Pa Sat also halal-friendly Hawker Center. I can see the commitment from management to serve and treats halal stall according to MUIS Singapore.

the stall that sell halal dish tell themselves by using the green tray, which is very different than non-halal dish who served by the brown tray. they (the management) also separate tray return and wash area.

my favorites one at Lau Pa Sat are Ipoh Hainanese Chicken Rice. halal, authentic, delicious. located at the drinks area, the heart of Lau Pa Sat.

I buy the Millo C with ice for accompanying my mouth-watering Hainanese Chicken Rice. 

by visiting Lau Pa Sat, I realize that my heartbreak are healed. I don't hate food court again. but still, I never visit any other food court if the standard is Singapore's Hawker Center. especially Lau Pa Sat. 

before Lau Pa Sat, I don't believe that travelling can heal my soul. muffled my angryness. and rejuvenate my perspective. turns out, I was wrong. Lau Pa Sat is a prove that by widening up my horizon I can gain new insight and broaden my inner soul. and finally heal compeletely.

Thank You Lau Pa Sat. I Left My Heart on You.

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